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Carpet Protection for Temporary Medical Facilities

Setting up temporary medical facilities for the Covid-19 crisis?  Our heart goes out to the medical and logistics personnel on the front lines.  As we see convention centers and other large spaces being converted, we’d love to help by providing carpet protection film at a reduced price to aid the cause.

Please click the image below and contact us if there is any way we can help wth the setup of these temporary medical facilities.

temporary medical facility convention center

Large convention center converted to a temporary medical faciity with carpet covering the floor



Haunted House Carpet Protection Film

Haunted House ConstructionCreating a haunted house in a carpeted area? Need carpet protection to ensure no blood is spilled onto the floors? Plasticover has the solution.

Our haunted house carpet protection film is the perfect way to seal your carpet from fluids, foot traffic and more. As the only carpet protection film on the market rated for a full 60 days of use, you can apply it now to protect during the construction and keep it on for full protection during your event.

Need more than carpet protection? Don’t see it on our site? Let us know and we have more products than what you see on our site, and can source just about anything you need. We are friendly to work with and will do our best to help non-profits stage a successful event.

Carpet Protection for Florists During Events

We spoke with a very nice customer today who told us how great our carpet and floor protection products for florists are when they are creating floral crafts at events, particularly in hotels.


Who knew?

This particular event required the florist to lay down sod (?!?) in a hotel meeting room.  We can’t think of a better use for Plasticover products than this as our carpet protection film will provide the florist with virtually an air-tight seal against damage in what is potentially a very messy situation.

Any florists our there?  Try our hotel event carpet protection the next time you have a messy situation like this.  We’ll even pay the freight:  just enter coupon code florist when you order for free shipping.

Paint Protection for Race Track Driving Events

Can carpet protector film protect your car on the racetrack?

We became aware of Corvette owners using our product for paint protection when they take it on the track.  Called track days, driving school or high performance drivers education (HPDE), these events allow you to take your street car on the track and develop driving skills that not only help you drive at speed, but make you safer for any emergency event.


Frankly, we are car nuts here at Plasticover and have done some of these events ourselves.  Duh, why didn’t we think of this?

Well, its been on our to do list to develop a product specifically for this and we didn’t realize our carpet protection film would work so well without modification.

Want to give it a try too?

Contact us and we’ll set you up with a special discount.  We’d love to get your feedback on this and help make an even better product for this purpose.