Carpet Protector and More!

Mud, oil, inclement weather, spilled food & drink or pet accidents will cost you time and money when they stain or discolor your carpeting. If you're tired of cleaning up these messes, PlasticoverTM Self-Adhesive Carpet Protector is for you.

The ultra-tough, slip-resistant plastic carpet protection film is simple to use. Just roll it out, and never worry about stains again! It is ideal for construction, remodeling, moving days, office parties, new carpet, paint days and any other time where quality carpet protector is needed.

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Why Plasticover?

  • Keeps Carpet in Showroom Condition
  • Simple to use - just roll out over carpet
  • Lasts 60 days - twice as long as competition
  • Saves money - eliminates expensive cleaning and replacement
  • Ultra-tough plastic film withstands heavy foot traffic

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