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Carpet Plow Taper

Carpet Plow from Plasticover makes the application of 2-side carpet tape a breeze.

Got trade shows?  Large events?  Need to put down tons of carpet over a large space in a hurry?  The Carpet Plow Karpet Taper is your go-to tool to take the back-wrenching pain out of applying carpet tape to large areas.

Go to our Carpet Plow product page for more info.Karpet Taper Carpet Plow

One Carpet Film Applicator for 24″, 36 inch and 48 inch Rolls

Carpet film applicators have traditionally either fit just one size film roll or could be adjusted to fit a couple sizes.  If you needed one to cover all uses? Out of luck — you needed to buy two of them.

Finally, Plasticover has developed a new design that fits all size of film that we offer.  Now, just one applicator fits 24 inch, 36 inch AND 48 inch rolls.


Want to try one?  Use coupon code superapplicator and save 10%.  Super applicator?  Yes it is.

Ram Board

Screen shot 2010-06-08 at 11.04.25 AMNeed reusable protection that prevents both scratching AND impact damage?  Ram Board from Plasticover is the cover-anything solution.

Ram Board Features:

  • > Flex-Fiber® technology allows it to quickly lay down flat
  • > 46 Mil thick:  No more Masonite or cardboard needed in high impact zones
  • > Does not stain like rosin papers and allows new floors to cure

Save 5% on any order

Just order online and enter either coupon code ramboard5 on the final page of checkout and get 5% off your order.  Offer valid through 6/18/2010

Planning a really big job?  Contact us for special volume pricing on all Plasticover products.


Clear Floor Protection Film Now In Stock

Floor protection film normally comes in a color (such as our blue – pictured) so that it is easily distinguished from our carpet protection film, that simply will not come off a hard surface without a lot of work.  However, there are times when you simply need something tough, yet unobtrusive for hard flooring surfaces.  Clear floor protection film is the answer.

This is the same great, durable product that customers use by the thousands of yards each year, but now we have it in a very clear film, similar to our carpet protection film.  See the second item on the site marked “CLEAR”.

Available now in 24″ x 200′ rolls – try some today.

Reinforced Kraft Paper Protects Countertops, Floors and Mantles


One thing has been clear when we’ve visited job sites:  There has not been a good, do-it-all product for protecting hard surfaces.  Yes, carpets have been well taken care of by our carpet protection film, but floors, countertops, mantles and virtually every hard surface in a construction project have been covered by any number of miscellaneous products:

  • > Rosin paper:  Great for cheap protection, but it can tear and let water leak through.  Worse yet, some of the red color can also leak through when it gets wet, damaging surfaces.
  • > Floor protection films:  Works great on hard flooring, countertops and other hard surfaces, but sometimes you have a precious surface you just don’t want to put an adhesive product on.
  • > Polyethylene sheeting:  Yes, you can tape this down, but it slides, tears and has any number of other drawbacks.

Yes, hard surface protection has been a hodgepodge of these products and more.  That’s why we are so excited to be able to provide Plasticover Reinforced Kraft Paper to our customers.  Sometimes called poly-craft mask, this product is the do-it-all product that quickly becomes a must have on every project.  Why?

  • > Reinforced kraft paper is waterproof
  • > Reinforced kraft paper is thread-reinforced to be tear resistant
  • > It’s economical and compact to use and store

Learn more about Plasticover Reinforced Kraft Paper today.


Sticky Mats

Introducing our latest product:  Plasticover Sticky Mats.  With so many people concerned about protecting carpet, why not prevent the dirt from entering the job site or home in the first place?

For the next week, we have a promotion for 15% off of one box of sticky mats (code:sticky15) or 25% off of 2 or more mats and/or mat bases (code:sticky25).  Offer expires 5/26/2009.

Try sticky mats today


Automotive Carpet Protection

Automotive Carpet Protection film is a new product that we are proud to be launching today.  In development for well over a year, we had been holding off on launching this due to the economy and the general implosion of the auto industry.  However, after several recent requests for it, we’ve brought it into our catalog as a new item.


These self adhesive plastic carpet mats are excellent for protecting carpeting during demos, transport or maintenance.  Here are some of the features:

> Printing:  All film is printed with “Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover“in the industry standard format for that official, factory look
> Perforation: By adding a perforation every 21”, the film is easy to cut tot he proper size and install in the vehicle
> Dispenser:  The handy automotive film dispenser makes it easy to unroll form a bench or on the ground for quick application

Not in the auto industry?  We just used this in our SUV as a carpet cover during a recent ski trip and it worked great!

48″ Carpet Film Applicator

Carpet Film Applicators save our customers time, but there was one request we heard over and over:

It’s not wide enough…we need an applicator for 48″ wide film!

After many months in development, we are glad to be able to offer these to our customers that use the widest and most film of anyone.  here is a brief list of features:

* Fits 48″ wide carpet protection film *and* adjusts to fit 26″ as well
* Durable, tough steel frame with a blue powdercoated finish
* Quick and easy assembly.

You spoke, we listened.  Try one today.