Carpet Protection Film Adhesive Residue

About Plasticover® Carpet Protection Film

This article was written to help the frequent “calls for help” we get from consumers who have used an inferior quality carpet film. We have never received one for our product. Plasticover® Brand Carpet Protection Film has the longest usage rating on the market – a full 60 days and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why trust your carpeting to anything else?

Do you have a carpet with sticky residue, darkening spots or a clear “path” where a carpet protection film (not ours!) has been used? The following information will help you with this situation.

Causes of Adhesive Transfer

Generally, carpet protector adhesive residue is caused by the following factors:
Product was left on longer than the usage rating.
    • The highest rating on the market is 60 days, but many are only 30 days. Shorter usage ratings make it easier to exceed this time limit.
  • Installation on wet or damp carpet.
  • Exposure to extremely high temperatures.

How to Remove Adhesive Residue from Carpet

If you have a small area that needs attention, you may be able to remove it by hand with a little elbow grease. If it is a large area or you cannot get it off by hand, use steam cleaning.

Removal by Hand

  • Purchase a citrus-based cleaner or solvent that lists adhesive removal as a usage on its label. Spot shot is a popular brand, but you will find several at your local hardware store.
  • Prepare or dilute the cleaner based on the instructions on the label.
    • IMPORTANT: test the product first in a little viewed area, perhaps a closet and ensure the product does not discolor the carpeting.
  • Use a spray bottle or a cloth to apply it to the area needing attention. Agitate the surface using a brush or cloth to help remove the adhesive.
  • Remove by wiping or blotting the surface with a clean cloth or towel.

Removal by Steam Cleaning

  • Hire a carpet cleaning professional who is knowledgeable with adhesive removal.
  • Use a solution of one cup of citrus cleaner for every five gallons of water.
  • Best results are achieved with a steam temperature at or close to 190 degrees Fahrenheit at the wand.

How to Avoid Residue Transfer

The two main factors for avoiding this problem are:
  • Choose a quality product. This is critical as a product that is of low quality may create problems no matter how careful you are in using it.
    • Tip: the manufacturer the usage duration recommends the easiest indicator of quality. The longer the better.
  • No matter which product is used, read and follow the usage instructions carefully and avoid the factors noted above in the causes section.