Carpet Plow

Carpet Plow Taper
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Plasticover Carpet Plow for 2 inch Carpet Tape
Item #: PC-CP-02

Plasticover Carpet Plow for 3 inch Carpet Tape
Item #: PC-CP-03

Second Roll Tape Adapter for 2 inch Carpet Plow
Item #: PC-CP-02ADAPT

Second Roll Tape Adapter for 3 inch Carpet Plow
Item #: PC-CP-03ADAPT

With its innovative design and durable construction, the Carpet Plow by Plasticover takes the hands-and-knees out of taping down carpet and saves time in the process.

The Carpet Plow Karpet Taper allows the operator to apply double-face tape to carpet seams in one streamlined operation while remaining upright. With the attachment of the second-roll adapter, sold separately, a second tape can be applied simultaneously, further improving efficiency.

Trade shows, expos and any large events where you need to tape carpet down is an excellent application for the Plasticover Carpet Plow!

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