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Carpet Protection for Temporary Medical Facilities

Setting up temporary medical facilities for the Covid-19 crisis?  Our heart goes out to the medical and logistics personnel on the front lines.  As we see convention centers and other large spaces being converted, we’d love to help by providing carpet protection film at a reduced price to aid the cause.

Please click the image below and contact us if there is any way we can help wth the setup of these temporary medical facilities.

temporary medical facility convention center

Large convention center converted to a temporary medical faciity with carpet covering the floor



Vistek Plastic for Trade Show Events

Vistek plastic film for a trade show event was requested from us recently for a major trade show.  What is Vistek?  We didn’t know either!

Vistek is apparently a name within the industry for carpet protection film.  Okay, we know a little about that!  Whether you are looking for Vistek, Self-Stick Visqueen or “that sticky stuff,” you’ve come to the right place.  Our high-grade carpet protection film is the only one that is rated for 60 days of use and is used for events all over the world.  If you want to call it Vistek carpet protection, that is OK by us.

Standard Wound Carpet Protection with Adhesive on the Inside of the Roll

Plasticover Carpet Protection Film comes reverse wound as the standard configuration.  What this means is the adhesive is on the outside of the roll.  However, we now are stocking 24″ x 200″ carpet protection rolls in standard wound format with the adhesive on the inside of the roll.

What does this mean to you and why would you use it?

Standard wound film is easier to use in confined spaces such as:


Basically, standard wound is desired whenever  it is easier to peel it back first before sticking it down.  Hopefully this ends any confusion!

To order, go to our carpet protection film page and look for the part# pcc240200 -S (which stands for standard winding).

Contact us if you have any questions.

Need Plasticover near You? Call Grainger!

We are proud to add Grainger as a new supplier to our growing list of Plasticover resellers. As the leading seller of industrial supplies in the US and beyond, Grainger brings a nationwide reach and availability to our distribution that only a Fortune 500 company of their strength can provide.

Need to order our products from them? There are 3 convenient ways:

1) Visit

2) Call their toll free order line: 1-800-323-0620

3) Find a local branch and visit them.

We’re very excited to partner with Grainger and add additional convenient ways to find Plasticover products.

Carpet Protection

OK, we’ll be the first to admit that a blog about carpet protection is a bit *ahem*  low on the excitement scale.  Will anyone be dying to read our next post?

I don’t think so.

However, one of our goal at Plasticover it so serve our customers more effectively and efficiently than our competition.  So where does a blog come in?  Well, over time, we expect to post information here about carpet protection (as well as our products) that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

We’ll keep it light.  We’ll keep it relevant.  And if you have any feedback or questions, this provides the forum to do that.

So until next time, be sure to check out our line of Carpet Protection, Floor protection and Window Protection films.  Give them a try and let us know if you have any feedback.

Team Plasticover