Carpet Protection for Florists During Events

We spoke with a very nice customer today who told us how great our carpet and floor protection products for florists are when they are creating floral crafts at events, particularly in hotels.


Who knew?

This particular event required the florist to lay down sod (?!?) in a hotel meeting room.  We can’t think of a better use for Plasticover products than this as our carpet protection film will provide the florist with virtually an air-tight seal against damage in what is potentially a very messy situation.

Any florists our there?  Try our hotel event carpet protection the next time you have a messy situation like this.  We’ll even pay the freight:  just enter coupon code florist when you order for free shipping.

One thought on “Carpet Protection for Florists During Events

  1. Boise Carpet Cleaner

    I have had to clean up after a few events like this. Even messier ones like car shows! This is something I will recommend to clients for sure!

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