Red Rosin Paper

Red Rosin PaperRed Rosin Paper by Plasticover is the do it all, inexpensive solution to protecting any surface.  We stock many other speciality protective materials for floors, carpets and many other surfaces, but sometimes our customers just need something cheap and simple!

Red Rosin paper can be taped down pretty much anywhere to protect surfaces from scratches, foot traffic, you name it.  Try Red Rosin Paper today!

Carpet Plow Taper

Carpet Plow from Plasticover makes the application of 2-side carpet tape a breeze.

Got trade shows?  Large events?  Need to put down tons of carpet over a large space in a hurry?  The Carpet Plow Karpet Taper is your go-to tool to take the back-wrenching pain out of applying carpet tape to large areas.

Go to our Carpet Plow product page for more info.Karpet Taper Carpet Plow

Vistek Plastic for Trade Show Events

Vistek plastic film for a trade show event was requested from us recently for a major trade show.  What is Vistek?  We didn’t know either!

Vistek is apparently a name within the industry for carpet protection film.  Okay, we know a little about that!  Whether you are looking for Vistek, Self-Stick Visqueen or “that sticky stuff,” you’ve come to the right place.  Our high-grade carpet protection film is the only one that is rated for 60 days of use and is used for events all over the world.  If you want to call it Vistek carpet protection, that is OK by us.

One Carpet Film Applicator for 24″, 36 inch and 48 inch Rolls

Carpet film applicators have traditionally either fit just one size film roll or could be adjusted to fit a couple sizes.  If you needed one to cover all uses? Out of luck — you needed to buy two of them.

Finally, Plasticover has developed a new design that fits all size of film that we offer.  Now, just one applicator fits 24 inch, 36 inch AND 48 inch rolls.

Want to try one?  Use coupon code superapplicator and save 10%.  Super applicator?  Yes it is.

Haunted House Carpet Protection Film

Haunted House ConstructionCreating a haunted house in a carpeted area? Need carpet protection to ensure no blood is spilled onto the floors? Plasticover has the solution.

Our haunted house carpet protection film is the perfect way to seal your carpet from fluids, foot traffic and more. As the only carpet protection film on the market rated for a full 60 days of use, you can apply it now to protect during the construction and keep it on for full protection during your event.

Need more than carpet protection? Don’t see it on our site? Let us know and we have more products than what you se eon our site and can source just about anythign you need. We are friendly to work with and will do our best to help non-profits stage a successful event.

Super Bowl Parties – Carpet Protection

super bowl superbowl logo 2011 xlv texasNeed to protect carpets for your super bowl party? You’re not alone! Every year we get a flurry of last minute calls from people who desperately need Plasticover carpet protector to keep their home clean and they often pay more for overnight shipping than the product itself.


Order now and get 10% off on all super bowl party purchases: enter coupon code ‘super10’ on the final page of checkout. It couldn’t be easier.  Have questions?  Contact us.

Never used adhesive carpet protection film before?  It’s easy! Watch:

Ram Board

Screen shot 2010-06-08 at 11.04.25 AMNeed reusable protection that prevents both scratching AND impact damage?  Ram Board from Plasticover is the cover-anything solution.

Ram Board Features:

  • > Flex-Fiber® technology allows it to quickly lay down flat
  • > 46 Mil thick:  No more Masonite or cardboard needed in high impact zones
  • > Does not stain like rosin papers and allows new floors to cure

Save 5% on any order

Just order online and enter either coupon code ramboard5 on the final page of checkout and get 5% off your order.  Offer valid through 6/18/2010

Planning a really big job?  Contact us for special volume pricing on all Plasticover products.

Carpet Protection Film in Canada

carpet_protection_canadaCarpet protection film in Canada?  You’ve come to the right place.  We get calls from Canadians almost every day asking if we ship there … and we do.

To help spread the word, we’ve added a “we ship to Canada” logo on every page, posted a new Canada carpet protection page, and updated our shipping chart so you can see our shipping times to Canada using FedEx ground.

By the way, if you are concerned about the cost, our FedEx ground rate is very reasonable and the rates are barely higher than a lot of domestic US destinations.

Bottom line:  call us for carpet protection in Canada.

Clear Floor Protection Film Now In Stock

Floor protection film normally comes in a color (such as our blue – pictured) so that it is easily distinguished from our carpet protection film, that simply will not come off a hard surface without a lot of work.  However, there are times when you simply need something tough, yet unobtrusive for hard flooring surfaces.  Clear floor protection film is the answer.

This is the same great, durable product that customers use by the thousands of yards each year, but now we have it in a very clear film, similar to our carpet protection film.  Just don’t mix the two up!

Available now in 24″ x 200′ rolls – try some today.

Toyota Floormat Recall – Temporary Carpet Protection

toyota floormat recall

Today a customer ordered several rolls of our auto carpet protection film, then called back an hour later and tripled the order.  Why?

If you haven’t already heard, Toyota has issued “safety advisory” (don’t say recall) that affects 3.4 million Toyota vehicle floormats.  Our customer, a Toyota dealer, informed us that all these Toyota cars will have the factory carpet mats removed, but they must put down something to prevent ruining the carpets until the new mats are available.  Hmmm… we know of a great way to do that.

Toyota dealers:  we have a great temporary Toyota carpet mat solution for you.

For just $.35 cents a unit you can put down a single sheet of our 3 mil film in the driver’s footwell and it will adhere to the Toyota factory carpet to provide complete

carpet protection.  This allows you to rest assured that your customers carpets won’t be ruined in the intereim and that there won’t be further issues with mats binding up.

To help ease the pain of handling the flood of concerned Toyota customers rushing the dealerships, we are proving a 10% discount for the entire month of October.  Just order online and enter coupon code “toyota” on the last page of checkout and you will receive 10% off the product cost of your order.